Hair Transplant Training

from $5000 / 5 days Theoretical And Practical Training

At the institute, we provide innovative training and quality education for hair transplant course. Due to the development of medical services and the number of doctors and trained experts in the field of hair transplantation, educational fees have become much cheaper in Iran rather than in other countries. In the hair transplant course, the latest hair transplant techniques are taught. Our course covers all standard aspects of hair transplantation, both theoretical and practical. The training for graduate doctors, technicians, nurses and other paramedical fields contains hands-on training on real patients.
Our training are set according to our trainees needs, courses start from a usual lecture in order for trainees to know basic subjects about hair and hair transplant and the last technology and newest methods and plans in order not only for them to become hair transplant experts but to master the procedure and be able to perform as well as they can. Whether you were a surgeon, doctor, dermatologist or a nurse, the best way to learn is to observe first and practice later, this only will make you able to do operations by yourself.

Introducing the course:

This course is designed for theoretical and clinical training dentistry treatment in base of dental Implant Elements of treatment and patient selection beside surgery methods and prosthetic placement and loading dental implants in theoretical classes practical workshops are taught in clinic beside of patient

At the end of the course, participants can enjoy the following skills:

 Choosing an implant-based treatment plan based on needs, facilities and limitations  Performing simple (direct) and advanced surgical treatments  Performing simple and advanced prosthesis  Health control and follow-up of treatment results  Diagnosis and referral of complex patients


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