Dental Implant Training

Dental Implant Training


Implant vocational and skills training course in dentistry
Introducing the course:

This course is designed for theoretical and clinical training dentistry treatment in base of dental Implant

Elements of treatment and patient selection beside surgery methods and prosthetic placement and loading dental implants in theoretical classes practical workshops are taught in clinic beside of patient

Audience:  Professional Doctor of Dentistry

Course Topics

  • Immediate Placement of implant
  • Implant Placement in anterior areas
  • Guided surgery
  • Selecting restorative abutments and making temporary prosthesis
  • Selecting the final abutment
  • fixed prosthesis molding methods
  • over denture molding methods
  • communication with laboratory
  • fixed prosthesis
  • over denture and attachment
  • occlusion in implant
  • delivery of fixed implant
  • over denture delivery
  • immediate loading
  • division of diseases around the implants
  • early bone erosion
  • mucosites and pre-implant
  • risk factors
  • preventive methods and non-surgical treatment of diseases around the implant

Course Topics

  • History and benefits prosthetic treatments in base of Implant
  • Evaluation patients from prosthetic view
  • Evaluation patient from surgical view
  • Recognizing components and equipment
  • Quentetive and qualitative examination of bone
  • Two and three dimensional imaging
  • Recognizing supplies of suitable implant system
  • Fixed prosthesis treatment plan
  • Over denture prosthesis treatment plan
  • Familiarity with complexity of SAC treatment
  • Application of digital technology in implant treatments
  • Patient preparation and medicine treatment
  • Applied anatomy
  • Drilling system and implant placement
  • Soft tissue control
  • Repairing standard method special situations
  • Risk of involvement of anatomical areas adjacent to the surgical site
  • pre-implant surgical treatments

Course Topics

  • biomechanical problems
  • beauty problems in vision areas
  • control the soft tissue around the implant
  • elements of follow–up treatment and clinical risk markers
  • legal and professional considerations
  • computed tomography
  • flap and sutures on the model
  • implant placement on model
  • implant placement surgery on the patient
  • Case discussion
  • Special consideration in anterior maxilla
  • Importance of stability
  • Sutures and control methods of soft tissue
  • Unwanted problems during surgery
  • Bone integrity
  • Implant detection
  • Complex treatment plan in lost maxilla
  • Elements of bone reconstruction
  • Bonding materials and protective membranes


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At the end of the course

At the end of the course, participants can enjoy the following skills:

Choosing an implant-based treatment plan based on needs, facilities and limitations

Performing simple (direct) and advanced surgical treatments

Performing simple and advanced prosthesis

Health control and follow-up of treatment results

Diagnosis and referral of complex patients

Course Certificate

At the end of the training course, a valid certificate approved by the Ministry of Health will be given to dentists

General Objectives

Theoretical and clinical Training of dental treatments based on dental implants




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