دورة تدريبية في زراعة الشعر

يتعلق هذا التدريب بأطباء الأسنان المحترمين في العراق ويتم بشكل شخصي وغيابي
أولاً، يتم عرض الدورة كفيلم في النظام، ثم يتم تدريس الجزء العملي من الدورة في عيادة كلية الصحة والجمال



Hair Transplant Training

Hair Transplant Training course has been prepared and planned for doctors to do cosmetic affairs and according to the needs of the world.
Hair Transplantation can be done with FIT, FUE, BHT, SUT, FUT methods, the choice of one of which is based on the treatment plan depending on the structure of the patient’s hair loss.
Our Training is face-to-face, offline and online with repetition, practice and patient examination until complete mastery of each person.
 You can have a nurse with you
During the training period
After the end of the course, you can benefit from educational support
 By sending the Details and Photos of your patients to determine the treatment method and problems during surgery


1.Teaching Staff:

Including an accompanying translator, several technicians as course theory instructors and Doctors who perform implants on the patient

2.educational place:

You will be trained in a specialized skin and hair clinic
By presenting an album of all the different practical parts.
Your education will be specific and individual If you have mastered it, you can work on the patient yourself

3. Educational certificate:

At the end of the training course, participants will be awarded a valid and query certificate from the site of Health college.

4.Educational benefits

Due to the economic efficiency in education in Iran and the team of experienced surgeons, this center offers you.
Health College in course training package pay off current costs of hotel and accommodation from incoming flight until return flight.


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  • How to Remove the Flap
  • Suture
  • Anesthesia Injection
  • Cut Hair
  • Nerves
  • Separation of hair strands
  • Working with a microscope loop
  • How to remove hair
  • Patient history
  • Anatomy
  • Arteries
  • Capillaries
  • Work with Micro motor Device



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