Institute of Medical Skills Training

“We are advancing in a rapidly growing industry with innovative developments in products and techniques which ultimately enables more effective delivery of exquisite results. Ultimately it’s about giving the best possible results to your patients, to nurture and maintain strong patient relationships and grow your practice. Those wishing to have hands on experience will be able to do so according to their own bespoke learning needs and goals.

I hope to welcome you to the Health College Academy soon”

Health College

  • Beard and Mustache Implantation

    $625.00 $600.00

    Course Introducing:

    This course is one of the most practical and popular courses being held in Health College.

    Health College holds this course with a competitive price among other institutes.

  • Burn Nursing Course


    Course definition:

    Vocational and skill training course for nursing graduates in order to gain professional knowledge and skills, in order to review and solve needs and provide general cares  to burn clients.

    This course include general levels of cares from prevention to rehabilitation.

  • Dental Assistant Course


    3 month (3 hours in 1 session per week)
    Advanced course:
    1 month (3 hours 2 session per week)
    Provide theoretical and practical training completely practical and scientific
    certificate from Ministry of health

  • Dialysis Nursing Course

    $550.00 $499.00

    Course Definition:

    Nursing a patient on dialysis

    People are forced to undergo dialysis when their kidneys fail to play a role in purifying the blood, regulating electrolytes, acid and alkalis balancing and removing waste and toxin materials.

  • Elderly Care Givers Course


    Course Introducing:

    Elderly caregiver At home with one of care methods based on community and one of key form of elderly health care known that play a key role in the management of limited resources.

  • Eyebrow Implantation Training

    $1,200.00 $1,150.00

    Course Introducing:

    This course is one of the most practical and popular courses being held in Health College.

    Tehran Health Complex holds this course with a competitive price among other institutes.

  • First Aid Course

    $1,500.00 $1,400.00

    Introducing the course:

    In reputable international emergency organization in order to provide first aid services different training courses are held for people who are usually the first trained person in the field of medical care to reached emergency scene.

  • Hair Transplant Training

    $5,500.00 $5,000.00

    Theoretical and Practical Training
    Best Doctors and Trainers
    Support of trainees after the course
    Accredited certificate
    Newest techniques

  • Implant Course

    $4,900.00 $4,750.00

    Introducing the course:

    This course is designed for theoretical and clinical training dentistry treatment in base of dental Implant

    Elements of treatment and patient selection beside surgery methods and prosthetic placement

  • Laboratory Technician Course

    $3,500.00 $3,200.00

    Course Duration:
    3 months (4 hour 3 session per week)
    Provide content in the form of completely practical.
    Issuance of a certificate from the medical and molecular network of the country
    Specialized booklet

  • Medicine MMT Course


    Course definition:

    The course which, while general doctors and higher with the treatment of opium misuse and how to deal with it.

    Participant’s professional skills in this field are strengthened.

  • Pharmacy Technician Course

    $950.00 $900.00

    Course Duration:

    2 month (1 session per week)

    Provide specialized booklet
    Official certificate

Implant Course Implant vocational and skills training course in dentistry Hair Transplant Training The Most Skilled Trainers Practical Training Best Doctors and Trainers
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Management Systems Certification means increasing the credibility of product suppliers or service providers with clients and state authorities.


İdarəetmə Sistemləri Sertifikatı məhsul tədarükçülərinin və ya xidmət təminatçılarının müştərilərə və dövlət orqanlarına etibarını artırmaq deməkdir.


Yönetim Sistemleri Sertifikasyonu, ürün tedarikçilerinin veya hizmet sağlayıcıların müşteriler ve devlet yetkilileri nezdinde güvenilirliğini artırmak anlamına gelir.


صدور گواهینامه سیستم های مدیریتی به معنای افزایش اعتبار تأمین کنندگان محصول یا ارائه دهندگان خدمات نزد مشتریان و مقامات ایالتی است


  شهادة أنظمة الإدارة تعني زيادة مصداقية موردي المنتجات أو مقدمي الخدمات مع العملاء وسلطات الدولة
We train young as well as experienced professionals and students in the medical field. There’s room for other experts as well including …
Learning Services can accelerate knowledge and skills with Health College best practices to maximize the value of deployments and ongoing operations.
Health College comprehensive education programs are designed to meet the needs of all Health College users. The goal is to help users develop both the technical know-how and the creative vision it takes to meet their most demanding business challenges.
.Doctors .Denstists .Nurses .Dental .therapists
.Dental .hygienists .Midwifes
.Surgeons .Paramedics .Physiotherapists .Healthcare  .Profesionalists


08:30-09:00 Coffee and pre-registration

09:00-09:30 Welcome and introduction to Health College

09:30-10:30 Anatomy & introdcution

10:30-12:30 Botulinum toxin TOTAL FACE LIVE DEMONSTRATION

12:30-13:30 Lunch

13:30-14:00 Dermal fillers science, technology and indication

14:00-15:00 Facial ageing, lifting, correction and beautification

15:00-15:30 Coffee

15:30-16:30 Delegates 1, 2 & 3 LIVE HANDS ON WORKSHOP

16:30-17:30 Delegates 4, 5 & 6 LIVE HANDS ON WORKSHOP

17:30-18:30 Delegates 7, 8 & 9 LIVE HANDS ON WORKSHOP

18:30-19:30 Delegates 10, 11 & 12 LIVE HANDS ON WORKSHOP

19:30-20:00 Q&A and close.

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In this section, we will introduce Health College and its goals. Health College Medicine and Equipment Company with the educational brand of Health College has started its activity since 2013 with the aim of improving knowledge and skills in the field of health and providing educational mechanisms for skills training and entrepreneurship of learners.

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