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November 25, 2020
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Pharmacy Technician Course

$950.00 $900.00

Course Duration:

2 month (1 session per week)

Provide specialized booklet
Official certificate


Reading Prescription Training | Pharmacy Technician Course

Course Duration:

2 month (1 session per week)

Provide specialized booklet
Official certificate

Pharmacy Technician Course | Learning to read prescriptions | Pharmacy manager

In this course you become familiar with pharmacy which in place for provide pharmaceutical services to patient by pharmacist doctor.

Pharmaceutical services means reviewing provided prescription, its scientific analysis and finally delivery of e drug and giving necessary information to the patient.

As a pharmacy technician you should be sure of what you giving to patient and be a trusted patient

With expansion and improvement of health situation in Iran and setting up the relatively large governmental and private drugstores, job opportunity of this field is suitable and you trainees can pass this course under the supervision of Tehran health complex obtain all the necessary information to work in a pharmacy and receive a valid and translatable certificate. Be a real pharmacy technician with Tehran health complex

Reading Prescription Training

Prescription definition
Prescription specifications
Elements of reading prescription in pharmacy
Reading prescription environment
Reading prescription steps
Visual and auditory errors in prescription reading
Pharmacist drug consultation with patient
Communication skills in drug consultation
Drug interactions
Effect of food on drug
Effect of drug food
Drug side effects
Drug poisoning
OTC drugs
Charter of patient rights
Laboratory environment
Reading experiment prescription
Ready For doing the experiment
Usual experiment

Familiarity with Types of drug

What is drug?
Origin of drugs Types drug
Types of medicinal forms
Grouping of drugs
Drugs naming
Drug production companies in Iran
General Directorate of Drugs and Narcotics Supervision
Familiarity with the environment and the rules of the Pharmacy personnel
Pharmacy regulation
Pharmacy personnel
Screw version Dispenser
The physical environment of the pharmacy

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